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"...his holistic approach to fitness helped me overcome lifelong physical and mental barriers."

- Jay

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Michael 2.jpg

My own experience with exercise began with weight loss; before starting in the fitness industry I was very out of shape and unhappy with my fitness levels in all areas. I had an incredibly hard time with my weight and struggled to come to terms with the way I looked and felt. With my self-confidence and self-worth already low, the lack of motivation to do anything about it lasted for years and it affected a plethora of other areas in my life.

I know just how hard and frustrating it is to become self-driven and I want to help people achieve what I know everyone can with a little push! 


I understand that not everyone is as able to exercise to the same ability and that everyone's barriers and limits are different. People sometimes view themselves as inferior to others because of personal barriers but this is NOT true in any circumstance.


I am very adaptable, empathetic and aim to work alongside you however small or big the steps you want to take. My job is to build up your confidence and to journey with you at your pace.


(L3 Qualified Personal Trainer)

"You never feel like you are battling alone. I really enjoy his emphasis on focus and mind over matter as he really builds you up when you hit a wall."

- Holly

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A meeting, phone call or mobile face to face to discuss in detail what I can offer you as a coach.



Daily support, weekly check ins, custom training plans tailored to individual goals and needs.



A chance for you to take a look at some reviews and experiences from people I have worked with.

"He’s determined and enthusiastic. I would recommend him to anyone who’s looking to get fit in way that is fun and incredibly rewarding."

- David

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